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Spreading A Little Bit Of Hope at the NRC

Without amazing communities in rural Australia, nothing would really get done. And last weekend in Dubbo is an awesome example.

A few weeks ago, in my blog, I spoke about how lucky I am to come from a such an incredible little town. I was privileged to grow up in a tight knit community where everyone has each other’s backs.

In 2008 my family joined the Macquarie Emus Junior Rugby Union Family. Sunday became our family day. Each Sunday we would pack up the car and head to a rugby gala day, sometimes travelling 4 hours. But it was these Sundays spent together as a family that created so many amazing memories.

Our family’s association with both the Macquarie Emus and Western Plains Junior Rugby Union Club has lasted over 10 years, with both Mum and Dad playing a vital role in keeping rugby union in regional NSW alive.

Through our years with both clubs, many incredible friendships were created and these people became part of our family.

It is these amazing friendships that lead us to the National Rugby Championship game held in Dubbo last weekend between the NSW Country Eagles and the Sydney Rays.

On Friday afternoon we received a phone call asking that a My Pal Al representative be present at the game in Dubbo. Because of a couple thousand kilometres I couldn’t make the game, so Mum, Belle and Ned went in my place.

Only a week before we had received a large order for caps and stubby coolers from the Western Plains Juniors, so we knew something was in the works. But never did we imagine that a quick trip to Dubbo to start a few conversations would end in a $1000 donation from The Macquarie Emus and Western Plains Junior Rugby Union Clubs.

The support received on the day was beyond amazing. With each Western Plains Junior running out onto the field with and NSW Eagle wearing a ‘My Pal Al’ cap and my littlest brother, Ned, getting to run out with Ned Hanigan (Captain). We didn’t think it could get much better. But it was the support from the NSW Eagles and Sydney Rays players that truly blew us away.

After handing out many caps, Mum, Belle and Ned were truly exhausted but so incredibly touch by everyone who wanted to listen and who got behind My Pal Al.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped spread a little bit of hope, but in particular, Bec Yeomans. Bec has everyday gone above and beyond for our little family and out bigger rugby family. And the work she put into making the day possible leaves me lost for words. So, thank you Bec for wanting to spread a little bit of hope and for always having our backs!


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